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Witches at the court by Miss-Friskies
Witches at the court
Numa belongs to :iconlady-oolong:
Black pen

After a shortage of black ink, I had the great idea to draw something that needed details, precise elements and, of course, black surfaces, ie, things that would have been made much more convenient with the proper quill and ink and not a regular gel pen. Anyway I still like how the drawing turned, especially as Numa is one of my favourite character from Lady-Oolong's wonderful characters.

Numa isn't supposed to wear corsets/stays (she's way more into fluid dresses and silks) but I really wanted to take care of my recent addiction for 1630s fashion ;). So here come strange hairstyles, pearls, virago sleeves and rigid bodice which are all of the lovely things you can find in the period (with average-probably-poppy-flowers to make the background a little less... Empty).
Alice may need a drink by Miss-Friskies
Alice may need a drink
Black, red ink and white pen

A small drawing for a lovely friend who wanted me to draw a version of her Alice in a fanfiction she wrote. I kind of had fun with the leaves and roses, and it was a lovely drawing to do, though it was not a very complicated one (I do love details..) . It took barely two hours including sketches and researches, which is quite surprising when I take a lot of time to finish a drawing usually. It's not perfect of course but I really like how it ended :)
Ilmarinen by Miss-Friskies
Pen and ink
Small exercice of reproduction for a friend who wanted a vintage-looking illustration of Ilmarinen, the (unfortunate) blacksmith from the Kalevala. I used as reference illustrations made by the russian artist Nicolai Kochergin (1897-1974).
The originals can be found here  :…
Wild party by Miss-Friskies
Wild party
Hylla is my character !

Here is a little drawing I made to thank a friend, made between two family meals (I find the pose a bit wobbly but despite its many faults, I like it. Kind of !). An Edwardian lady with a glass of champagne, a fox stole and ... uh ... And a rather curious hand?

Anyway, I wish you all an excellent year, happiness and a well deserved rest. Take care !
Lady with an axolot(l) by Miss-Friskies
Lady with an axolot(l)
Hylla is my character

In France, we have an interesting community of people doing videos on Youtube, on various subjects from science to history, pop-culture, literature and so on. A bit less active than the english-speaking community, certainly, but always with a quite unexpected quality. Way better than what we can find on tv, I guess. One of those filmmakers has all my admiration and I decided to make him a drawing, because I could actually meet him (the joy of studying in a big city). Meeting those people in person is always a pleasure. It's amazing how two hours of waiting in a crowded bookstore to make someone sign a book can make me happy for the next three centuries. Three being the minimum, of course.

Here. Like a four years old girl making drawings for people she likes (it always makes me laugh). (More often because I am very nervous when I meet these people, so I must really sound like a kid. That has an obsession with nordic countries)

Patrick Baud is the person who write/make videos on a youtube chain and a website called Axolot, which deals with sources of wonders we can find on our dear Earth ( science, history, ethnology, ethology, in short, everything as long as it is amazing and real). In addition to being a truly wonderful person, he has a very particular charisma. It makes his stories even more interesting. 

In this drawing, so I wanted to pay a tribute to him. I used the cute little animal that represents his website (the axolotl), but also wanted to add some inspirationnal stories he told and that I still tell in my family meetings. Headless chicken, an island full of dolls, Cottingley's fairies... I wanted above all to be subtle, I did not want to illustrate his stories (a lot of illustrators did it by the way. Way better than anything I could have done)

(In the end I think he liked my drawing when I gave it to him)

Hylla is the character of one of my novels lying around in my head and files for months. She is a young icelandic student in the 1910s (in Copenhagen) and meet a very special kind of vampire. Who feeds on stories.
I simply decided to include Hylla in this drawing because I was really inspired by Axolot's stories to make this novel. (her name is a reference to Ray Bradbury's novels, too). Oh and also, the pose of the character is another reference, this time to Leonardo da Vinci.


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Charlotte P.
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NEW : Ici le premier texte du nanowrimo ! Bonne lecture :)

Vous pouvez voir mes cartes de Noël (en fait on dirait plutôt des marque-pages, pour le format !) sur mon tumblr avec le tag julefest . J'hésite à les poster ici, d'une part parce qu'ils sont nombreux (20 par jours) et parce que ce sont juste des dessins à l'encre.
(pour ceux qui n'ont pas l'adresse, c'est ici… )

Bonjour à tous ! 

Comme vous pouvez le remarquer, je suis un gramme plus active. Ceci dit, mon activité ces mois-ci va largement être mise à l'épreuve pour deux raisons.

1. Cadeaux de Noël, qui cette année consistent en : une série de cartes pour la fête de Noël de ma section à la fac, plus celles habituelles pour la famille, et enfin vous, chers amis. Rien ne vous dispense de me demander/dire ce qui vous plairait pour Noël, afin que j'évite la catastrophe de dernière minute. Donc faites vous plaisir, demandez.
(pour les cas particuliers aussi connues sous le nom de "maintenant je connais vos adresses respectives, tremblez mortels) : Chouquette, Damoté (LadyOolong), Camarade Gaufre (Mrs-Waffle), Sieskja, etc, n'hésitez pas à me faire part de vos envies de thés, bijoux divers, voire même bouquins/articles de papeterie si ça vous fait plaisir et que j'arrive à trouver ça dans les boutiques parisiennes)

2. Ici, la bonne nouvelle : NANOWRIMO. Aussi connu sous le nom de challenge créatif qui peut tuer un artiste sous la surcharge de travail, cette petite chose qu'est le nano est un défi d'écriture que je vais tenter de relever. Environ 1700 mots par jour qui seront publiés quotidiennement du 2 novembre au 1er décembre sur mon blog mort-vivant. (mais pour l'instant, surtout mort). Il s'agira d'un texte en 4 parties, une par semaine, sur des périodes de la vie de Svenja, avec des réflexions sur la foi, sur de l'amour gnangnan avec des apparitions en guest de personnages/parents de personnages dont j'ai déjà du vous parler ou mentionner.

Bref, ça va être sportif, prenant en compte également mon premier semestre de magie à la fac. Sur ce, je vous souhaite de prendre soin de vous, et que... Ben je sais pas, papillons-paillettes, évitez les grippes et tenez bon dans cette période un peu chargée !

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